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Since 2016, I've been one of the faces of Hansh, a Welsh-language platform for young people.

I now write, present and shoot the series, which takes a sideways look at the internet and explains what the weird stuff is all about.

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A six-part series poking fun at the cultural differences between Germany and the UK.

Filmed in Hamburg and London for Bento, a youth-oriented site owned by Spiegel. Shot by Sophia Schirmer.

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I have done several bylined pieces for BBC Wales on female representation in statues, fake news and social media in Welsh elections.

I was also a co-host on 2017's Welsh Leaders Debate spin show.

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I worked on Channel 4 News' award-winning digital team as a multimedia producer, creating shorts for Facebook and Twitter as well as longer pieces for Facebook. 


While at the Guardian, I was a regular co-host on Tech Weekly and its successor Chips With Everything. I also co-hosted a podcast with technology correspondent Alex Hern called Updog, which dealt with the weirder corners of the internet.

As part of the Guardian's social team, I helped launch our Facebook live strategy with social producer Eleni Stefanou, including one exclusive live broadcast from within a library occupation in London.