Sew along with me…


I’m incredibly late to the party by posting about The Uniform Project, but it deserves to have a lot of attention drawn to it.

Uniform Project Picture Book from The Uniform Project on Vimeo.

On May 1st 2009, Sheena Matheiken pledged to wear one dress for 365 days in aid of the Akanksha Foundation, a grassroots charity which raises money to fund the education of children who cannot afford it. This ended on April 31st, 2010 and you can see a compilation of Sheena’s outfits in the video above. Sheena raised a whopping $104,263, which amounts to 289 kids in school! Go Sheena!

Ali over at Wardrobe Reimagined wrote a post the other day about how the Internet has aided her sewing (check it out!) and reminded me of this wonderful campaign. Not only does it have an amazing aim, but it’s also an interesting exercise in sustainability. The outfits that Sheena came up with over the course of 365 are creative and unique, and all include that one little black dress.

The dress itself was designed by Eliza Starbuck as a versatile piece that can be worn backwards or forwards, thus lending itself to endless interpretations. On June 29th, the dress itself was made available to buy – but they didn’t stop there. Not only can you buy a ready-made Uniform Project dress, you can also buy the pattern and the fabric to make your very own LBD! Better still, 10% of the sales go directly to Akansha.

With Self-Stitched September just over a month away, I thought that this could be an interesting project to undertake in preparation, particularly as I just got a job where the uniform is anything that is black or white! Not to mention that such a versatile item would be so very useful when September rolls around!

I’m sure I’m not the only one interested in making my own Uniform Project LBD…

So readers, I ask you : who would be game for a Uniform Project Sewalong? I’m thinking sometime towards the end of August, so that those of us participating in the Summer Essentials sewalong (incidentally, I just completed project number 4… I’m really behind on photographing my items!) can wrap that up and have a dress ready for Self-Stitched September! EDIT: After a bit of a rethink, September is probably more likely for this one!

My plan as it stands is to purchase the pattern and then source my own fabric – while $50 is (in my opinion) pretty reasonable for pattern and fabric, I can’t quite afford the shipping for the fabric as well. I just checked, and it seems the pattern and fabric option is currently sold out, so I’ll have to source my own fabric anyway! My plan at any rate is to donate 10% of the amount my fabric comes to directly to Akansha.

So who’s with me?