Goodbye old friends

As I’m moving back to the good old British Isles next week, there were certain items that I had to get rid of. Much was sacrificed for my departure; it’s bizarre how much crap you accumulate in nine months. I’ve filled two Rewe bags full of clothes and shoes to be donated and given away countless other things. However there are two notable things that I’ll be leaving behind this year.

Both are sewing related of course. I may not have found a martial arts club to satisfy me this year, but I’ve certainly found enough in the sewing world to whet my appetite. It’s not only my German that has come along in leaps and bounds these past nine months; it’s also my sewing. This is something I’d have thought impossible this time last year when I was hand sewing rectangular skirts in my last few weeks at Swansea.


One of my best purchases this year was Viktoria, my German sewing machine. She’s a Lady don’t you know! We had a few issues along the way, but we got along just fine. Sadly, she’s a heavy old girl, and would have cost a ridiculous amount to ship back home, especially when I have a sewing machine already at home (a Brother, whom I have just decided is called Henri). So I sold her to a lovely girl from my sewing class who will hopefully make many many fabulous things from her.


Secondly, of course there’s Sally the mannequin. I did consider sending her home, but I think I would rather save for a proper mannequin that is actually the same size as I am than send her home. Sadly I don’t know who got Sally, she was sold on eBay, but I hope she’s put to good use!

I can’t imagine my sewing life in Dortmund without them; just as I’m sure I won’t be able to imagine my sewing life without my (currently) nameless serger once I’m back in Wales. So, tell me readers; is there anything you can’t imagine living your sewing life without? Or have you ever had to get rid of a beloved machine or mannequin for unavoidable reasons?