That’s a first!


This dress is the first time I used my Christmas overlocker, the first time I spent a disgusting amount on fabric*, the first time I bought fabric from John Lewis, the first time I’ve worked with a nice jersey and the first dress that I wore to my first real sewing lesson today!

Whew, that’s a lot of firsts! Not the first time I’ve looked like an absolute plonker posing for photos though, but there we go. At one point I tried to ‘SMIIIIIZE’ as Wise Owl Tyra Banks puts it, but it looked like I was giving the camera a shifty look. Or attempting to raise one eyebrow and failing badly. Or attempting to smize and realising how ridiculous a concept it is when put into real life. Lesson learnt. No more smizing.

Really simple construction on this, it’s only two pieces really without counting the bias strips for the arm and neckholes. The only annoying thing is that the overlocking thread is white. I know, I know, you can’t even see it, but the fact that I know that it’s white is bugging me!! I’m wondering if I should have made it in a size smaller because it is a little on the big side, but the dress is nice, warm and comfortable, so I’m not complaining, and one of my many many waistbelts can solve that problem!

The pattern is the Cynthia Rowley pattern mentioned in this post, Simplicity 2472, and simplicity it was! Great beginner’s project, and great for breaking in your new overlocker!

The sewing lesson was great, I learnt a few new things already, and it was only the introductory bit!

* I’m too ashamed to say how much!